Friday, December 30, 2005

My Main Man

"....she sang her last melody and sighed,
lover man oh where can you be?..."

Isn't He Cute

I spent most of the day hangin' out with my man. He loves to play and I can't resist giving in to him. He never tires and is satisfied with a bone. Champ aka The Champ Man/Champerdoodle. He also gives wet kisses! In between go fetch, I put all the Christmas decorations away. Martha Stewart would be proud. I individually wrapped everything in tissue paper and labeled the box. Then I went out for jugs of water and ended up shopping for next year. Maybe if I buy stuff now, I can save for a really great trip next season. I could have gone to BOS this Christmas but the cold weather scared the shit outta me. I don't even know how to walk in snow.....and I started obsessing, thinking what if I got cold, really, really cold and passed out on a sidewalk in a gutter in Somerville and got frostbite and strangers walked around my frigid body, making their way to Johnny D's, as I turned to a posicle and died, another nameless nobody in my favorite city. That's no way to go. I'll wait 'til summer. It would have been nice to be there for First Nite and hear Odetta sing (sigh). I've got Korbel chillin'. Party of One. This way!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Wake Me....Shake Me

First coffee of the day. Feeling guilty because I didn't go to water aerobics and my arse seems to be turning to lard. It wasn't my fault. I would have gone but there was a thunder storm with lightening and everything and a tornado warning. No excuse. I could have done stretches on my new yoga mat. I did make some headway in the closet/room organizing my clothes. It's so hard for me to get rid of anything, even clothes I can no longer wear. THEY'RE TOO BIIIIIIGGGGGGGG! By far the best thing about '05 was losing 60 lbs. One good thing about going back to work will be getting back on some kind of schedule. Left to my own devices, I'm an aimless wreck. My psyche craves order. Speaking of work, I need to shower and go in for a few hours. If I do what I'm s'posed to, I'll also get an oil change for the car. So, I'm outta here for now.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Oh Muse Me Already!!!!!!!

I haven't had a creative thought all day. I am however plagued by the thought that soon and very soon I will be returning to the JOB, aka The Grind, the Old Ball 'n Chain, the Chain Gang....SKOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL. I want to make the most of my time but all I do is 'think' about what I want to do and waste time on these blogs. Oh Blogbaby how I love ya how I love ya. I spent way too much time reading some guy's blog in BOS (A Swede in Boston) I didn't know people like that existed (well sure I did but I don't know any of them). Perfect life, perfect job. No worries. I have been thinking about my fascination with the blog medium and I've figured some things out:
#1 Blogs have reassured me that "The Word" the all powerful "WORD" is alive and well. We are not as I suspected going bacward on the evolutionary spiral. People are reading. People are writing. Right on for The People.
#2 Mostly I don't like people but I can like bloggers (um 'people') because I don't really have to know them and as is usually the case with my interactions....become disappointed, disenchanted, disillusioned by the reality of their presence.
#3 One of my most favorite things in the world is to watch people, the very mundane nature of life fascinates me to no end. Ergo, the blog offers me an endless fix.
Ahhhhhh the sun is out. I'm going to water aerobics later but in the mean time maybe I can get something done and stop wasting this time at home. I need to move the treadmill upstairs where there's more room and I can actually use it and finally make a path in the closet I created from an extra room downstairs. maybe I'll make the bed. I need to find the vacuum cleaner bags. Decisions, decisions!
Wicked Women I'm Glad I've Known (The "Z" Girls of Savannah)
"You're a WIT (woman in training). You're not a woman until you're 50. Nobody is." Miriam
"I hid inside myself, still as a deer. Mommie was a predator." Linda
"My ultimate fantasy is satisfaction." Caitlin"
Sentimentality is the death of art." Rosemary"
Am I washed up or washing away?" Shavone"
No guts, no story." Rosemary"
You'd think because Abby is a Jew, she'd know what rejection feels like." Barbie"
Commit yourself to the project and write the hell out of it."
There isn't enough time in life to read bad crap" anonymous
"I've gone through menopause. I'm over the sex but my husband isn't." Carolyn
"I'll be back. There's nobody in this room I don't like." Brenda
"My parents were both alcoholics. Their common denominator was that they both liked to fuck each other." Cissy
"I'm tired of being told I don't count because I'm a homemaker." Elsa
"It's a cheap shot to nail your parents when you're as old as I am." Susan
"Whatever you think is going to get you, it's going to be something else." Carolyn
" cramming a dick into sandpaper..." Debbie on her first sexual experience as a 19 year old bride

Monday, December 26, 2005

Reflections on the Hellidays

Dinner at Barbie's House UMMM UMMMM Good

After the Sheriff's party I had a little celebration of my own...I like to cook and if I must say, I'm pretty good at it. This year's menu was right out of Southern Living: collard greens and okra, red beans and rice, pork roast, turkey, cheesy cornbread w/rosemary, candied yams. I got a little weepy while I was putting it all together, remembering all the dinners I'd wasted on men who aren't around any more, who never thought I was good enough. Does anyone know what men really want? Do they know? I couldn't help thinking I'm a waste of a dam fine woman. I don't care what all those politically correct feminists say, I don't think women were meant to be alone. Ok there's my "moment." I'm not one for feeling sorry for myself. i am afterall a 'dam fine woman.' and to all the men I've loved before.....well, kiss my hot grits!!!!!!!

Drunken Cops Do The Electric Slide In Bubbaville-The Sheriff's Annual Christmas Party

An authentic Bubba in his native
habitat wearing authentic
Bubbawear. Oh by the way, he's the
guy who shows up on your doorstep
if you've had a breakin....

My friend Janet cuddles up to the

What do ya do when someone gives
ya their rump? Ya smack it!!!! The
lass in red is a local chanteuse who
calls herself Tu Tu Divine.
Can I barf now?