Sunday, March 14, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

So far 2010 is shaping up to be a lot kinder and gentler than 2009.

1. Applied for the institute at a recommendation from the Thought Police....That one came as a surprise.
2. M's disability has been approved after trying since 1995.
3. Champ had a great annual check up even after neglecting his heart meds for months.
4. Found a great lawyer
5. Have the possibility of realizig my dream to start writing camp
6. Put a smile on B's face after the youngling cried on my shoulder about her miserable life. We spent Sat. together. I sprang for a manicure, a bag of toiletries/make-up and took her on a colllege visit. No more tears.
7. On my third day of being pain free.
8. Paid off the car....YAY!!!!
9. Fluffy will no longer be around to micromanage and totrture the entire staff. He has been removed by the Thought Police Overseers as head Butt in Charge and will be shuffled off to the Valley of Dry Bones which is where all TP go when they eff up. There was weeping anad wailing and gnashing of teeth by his Flying Monkeys. The rest of us thanked the Gods that be and the angels too. Anything would be better is what I'm thinkin'. (D) thinks that's why my back pain has subsided. Hmmmmmmm.