Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Making Us Negroes....Once More

When Is Enough Enough? By BOB HERBERT
The New York Times June 30, 2007
"For black people, the current composition of the Supreme Court should be the ultimate lesson in the importance of voting in a presidential election."
The Supreme Court's recent ruling that race cannot be used by school systems to determine which students are placed in what schools sent chills down my spine.

I have a disturbing tendency to look at the ramifications of things and this latest assault on democracy has the potential to reverse the gains made by the civil rights movement and make African Americans "Negroes" once again. I see chains in my future. Those chains deny me equal access to the Amerikan dream that white folks claim as their birthright.

How ironic that the Supreme Court chipped away at my liberty on the eve of this country's celebration of independence. At the same time, Scooter B confirmed what every African American already knows. There are two systems of justice in this country; one for the rich and none for me. I imagine, the prez, His Royal Hiney, dancing down in Kennebunkport to the mantra, 'The world is mine.' A pardon for Scooter Libbey is probably in the desk drawer of the Oval Office. In the meantime, Liberty's eagle just planted a stink bomb on the doorstep of every one dedicated to the principles of freedom and justice for all. I don't feel very patriotic.

Come to think of it, I've been in a foul mood every since I realized that despite the fact that I make $10,000 more today than I did in 2003, I only bring home $100 more in my paycheck.
Whether you care about civil rights or not, every single working man and woman in Amerika needs to wise up and realize we are all slaves of the rich and powerful in this country....
To them, we are all Negroes. So go on, it's the 4th of July. Fire up that grill and while you're at it, throw the constitution in the flames.