Friday, November 23, 2007

Locked and Loaded on a Full Stomach

Me and the pooch are considering dressing out in camo togs and picketing the local mall....Am I the only one appalled that Amerikans are so stupid? Despite paying $4 for gas and a gallon of milk, despite the bleeding of our national treasury and the very real blood of young men and women wasted on war (yeah, remember the war), we are camping out with our Thanksgiving bird at the doors of the mall so we can hand over what's left of our measly paychecks to the same corporations that bankrupted the auto industry, put thousands out of work and sold our jobs to China....Yes, we're really that stupid.
As I write this, CNN has reporters fanned out all over the place to bring the madness to the television airwaves. I'm outraged and disgusted by it all. I'm also waiting for the plumber to come and rip up my toilet from the floor, smear on a wax water seal and put it all back together. No doubt, what I pay for this little operation, will finance his wife's shopping spree at the mall today. I'm also sitting here in the land of plenty, scared shitless to turn on my heat because the price of heating oil might send me into cardiac arrest. OH, BUT AIN'T WE GOT FUN!!!!!

I'm not the total grinch. I made a 'simple' Thanksgiving meal yesterday. After all 'family' is just me and 'M'. Earth Fare has opened a market in the area and I am in foody heaven. My latest addiction is The Food Network Channel (It's the new crack! Stay AWAAAAAYYYYYY). Buying a few fresh herbs, greens (spinach, swiss chard)
and pasta for daily meals has proven to be a lot more cost effective than I had thought. So in the spirit of all that is gourmet and frugal, I channeled my inner Rachel Ray and made herb stuffed turkey breast with apple brandy gravy, corn casserole, roasted brussel sprouts and pumpkin gooey cake. I had a bit of raw milk cheese and fig cake which I soaked in brandy. The entire meal cost less than $25. I washed it down with Covey's Gew├╝rztraminer...Yum to the O! I love to entertain and somewhere I hold out hope that one day I will have a house full of friends and family to cook for. Yesterday, I pulled out the pink for the table and lit candles all around. M and I held hands. I prayed to God and asked him to remember those less fortunate and to bless and protect us all. I tried very hard not to be cynical. Lately I don't know what to say to the 'G' man because things really seem to get worse and worse. But let's keep it light shall we. I will go there some other time.
For now chil'ren....I'll trundle downstairs and put in the bootleg copy of American Gangster someone gave me. My righteous anger is locked and loaded. Maybe I'll pick up a few pointers about what to do with it. Peace to all.....