Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yes To Change

I'm writing this on my brand new EeePC. I'm loving technology right now. I wanted somthing portable so the Daylight Robbers couldn't track me and so I wouldn't have to haul my tired bones to the upstairs office to use the PC. I made the purchase after making reservations at a new B&B in Cambridge where I would not have use of a computer like I did at Morrison House when I stayed there. The little laptop can fit in my purse and its REDDDDDDDDD! How fantabulous is that! I'll be able to sit at Diesel for hours and record the sites while on vacation. (M) guided me through the maze that is Best Buy and I also got a memory stick for the Sony camera. I need Boston right now like a duck needs a racehorse needs a Rachel Ray needs EVOO...UmmmmHmmmmm....there's a plane ticket with may name on it.

The latest word on work is lawsuit. After much drama, I have decent legal help. The Daylight Robbers have been caught redhanded being racists and none to kind to the Barbie. They huffed and they puffed but I didn't break. From the very beginning, I told myself; win or lose they would know they had been in a fight.

(J) has come to my aid with some much needed capital and advice. I can't begin to put into words what his friendship means. We met when I was in college. He was a reporter. I was cute and stupid then. He would have married me but I, like I said was cute and stupid. I sent (J) a distress e-mail and when he called, he was on his way to Orlando to play golf and had just returned from Spain. The Miami Herald is history. He retired earlier this month.

Over the years, he has been nothing but supportive as my life took one bad turn after another. He could rightly see that, I had more tha my share of bad luck while trying my best to just survive. Now wiser and older, knowing what love really is, he is beyond my reach and I love him with all my heart.

here are no second chances though and this life of mine is what it is and it's all there is. (J) still tells me to write. He always tells me to write.

Yesterday I also bought the Bon Iver CD...All I can say is oooooooh yeah. It's magical and sends chills like electricity to my spirit. I also got an older Sheryl Crow cd b/c it had some of my favs....The First Cut is the Deepest, Leaving Las Vegas, A Change Would Do You Good......Yes to CHANGE