Sunday, February 14, 2010


I took the day off Friday to get tests done at the hospital and later to visit the lawyer. After we settled my business (A) wanted to talk. We were in the conference room this time. He plans to teach when the law career is over. He is very much a communicator and seems to hold ideas and language sacred in a way that I identify with. He talked about his family and their experiment. He turned off the television and discontinued cablefor three months but after six months found they didn't misss it at all - life was richer. I told him about a story I wrote titled Disconnected Daddy when he mentioned how distracted we have become.

It has been a dream of mine to establish writing camps for kids in the area and he wants to help by getting one of the prep schools involved and securing sponsors. All I have to do is get the kids to the location. Sounds easy but the politics of the Daylight Robbers are never a slam dunk. They are very parsimonious about handing out recognition. I will have to present my proposal to the Thought Police and keep my fingers crossed. (A) wants to bring in university professors to give the kids a first rate experience.

It was snowing when I left his office. The car was already covered. I was ecstatic. When I got home, I dragged the Cocker outside for pictures. He was not pleased. I think he exacted his revenge today. He followed me into the office, sat on the carpet and peed as he looked up at me. I was not amused. I will post the snow pics here later.

I've been in all day reading....Heaven.