Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sparky's Back

Not that I've really been anywhere, but I have been MIA on Blogger since July....since the 'Google conversion' which messed me up big time. Perseverance paid off and the problem with logging on was finally worked out by changing my browser to Firefox! YAY! It was all too frustrating and I had no idea how addicted I was to Blogger until I was cut off cold turkey. It would have been simple to just go to word press or something but I just couldn't break the Blogger habit. Sadly, no one seemed to miss me out there in Blogdom, a confirmation of what I always suspected, I write for an audience of one; me.

I haven't done much during my hiatus...slipping in and out of being depressed about the usual. But let's keep it upbeat shall we.

Now suddenly, all those things I wanted to say when I was cut off are no longer in my head but I'll get a spark soon. FUR-SURE....