Friday, December 25, 2009

Me and Mr. Gizmo Are Having A Merry Merry

Yippeee! Kyyiyea! It's Christmas. Leading up to the Blessed Yuletide, I was pretty much ok, never wanting to succomb to the predictable. It would as I explained to (D) on Tuesday, be 'predictable for someone like me to be depressed this time of year.' I must say however that aafter the tearing open of the giftees left under the tree for me by (M) I am feeling a bit blue and not the least bit up to going out for festitudes at (E's) house. Maybe it's the rain and the greyness of the day. Or maybe it's that part of me that hates having somewhwere to go; feeling as though making a committment is an imposition on me in some weird way that even I don't understand.

(M) bought me a Blackberry and the entire second season of La Femme Nikita on DVD. I've started calling (M) Mr. Gizmo.He says my James Blunt CD and the book I wanted, (The Broke Diaries) are on the way. He is an enigma that (M. His head is muddled when it comes to the mundane things of life but my hat is off to hime for figuring out the labyrinth that is eBay.) He patiently explained the workings of the Blackberry. I will be texting soon. Who wuldda figgered. Despite being highly pissed off that he once again invaded my space and took what was not his, I broke down and put cash in his bank account and bought him a watch. He bought my gifts thinking there would be noting for him. I of course felt like the Grinch.

I made holiday breakfast for us which he enjoyed immensely. Then I listened to him call just about everyone we know and wish them a merry Christmas. He says, he is determined to learn how to drive next year. It is no doubt another sign that he wishes to be free of me, or at the very least be able to come and go as he pleases. I joked that if he had a car he'd be gone already puttering about town and he said, "Yes I would."

I also managed to clear away the clutter in the living room and dining room to make it more habitable. I've ordered the new kitchen cabinets at Lowes and they will be shipped on the 7th. I have a new contractor and have filed a lawsuit against the 1st one who ripped me off and left the kitchen in a shambles. While I was at the courthouse I checked to see if (A) had a business license and was told he does not. Not at all good for him. With any luck, I will recover my money by putting a lein on his property and he will be out of business. Ahhhhh! sweet revenge - Er I mean Justice.

Well the holiday buffet at (E's) is waiting. She has already called to make sure I will be on time. I'm reading In Cold Blood after seeing Philip Seymour Hoffman portray Capote. The book is a masterpiece and a very good diversion.