Sunday, February 21, 2010

Here Comes The Sun

Yesterday, M and I bought produce from the Mexican vendors at the flea market. I get eggplant and red peppers for $.75. Going there also reminds me of home. I am most comfortable living withion a melting pot of cultures. I also stopped at a booth run by two guys. I had been there before but never made the connection until yesterday. Years ago, right after I moved here,my life imploded. I had to make a decision to either return to Miami or make a radical career change. I chose the latter. But while things were still quite desperate, two guys who owned an antique shop bought most of my mother's depression glass. After she passed away, it was all the "inheritance" so to speak, that I had. It was very difficult to part with it. But I knew she would want me to do it if it meant M and I would be able to survive a very rough time. The guys made it easier. They were very compassionate and I appreciated the way they handled the transaction. They are now selling jewelry at the fla market after losing everything in the antique business. One of them said they are doing ok. Their stall is always packed and the bargains are good. Most of the jewelry comes from QVC or some of the high end department stores. There is also stuff you'd find at Kohls and Wal-Mart for the teens.We hugged and had a reunion. One of them remembered that I had said this place is "kicking my ass" at the time. They met years ago when both were in the military. Since they were together years ago when I met them, it means they have been partners over 20 years.

The sun was out and I was feeling pretty good. On Friday, I met with D and she thinks I have a vitamin D deficiency. I bought the vitamins and took the fish oil yesterday and today. I see the doctor on the 26th and will request blood work. It certainly can't hurt. The test for gall stones came back negative. I knew it would but I still can't explain why I'm tired and dizzy all the time and the frequent digestive troubles. Last week at work was brutal. I am glad it's over and we are inching toward two more furlogh days. I intend to spend mine sending work out (finally). Next week I will be getting the application in the mail for the NEH Institute at Harvard. Wish me luck.

The sun is out again today. M is at church. I have been cooking. I made stew for M and ravioli and Italian sausage for me. Right now the turnip greens with red peppers and sundried tomato is simmering. I bought a baguette to eat with that.

The house is peaceful. I wish Sundays were longer.