Saturday, January 27, 2007

Melt In Your Mouth...Not In Your Hands

Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Rebel Law Y'all

I have to thank Professor Zero for this post. It was she who got me thinking about the law of Jante. I decided to make a few Laws of my own. Now Run Tell Dat!

1. You shall know that I will act as though I am special because I am.
2. You shall know that I honor and expect you to treat as sacred every living thing including the breath you breathe.
3. You shall give with no expectation of reward.
4. You shall seek truth for it will set you free.
5. You shall endeavor to make every space you occupy better than the way you found it.
6. You shall practice the art of letting go.
7. You shall not judge me, yourself or others.
8. You shall empty your mind of yesterday.
9. You shall be original.
10. You shall love.
For some strange reason, I'm hearing brother Bob Marley in my head today. He keeps saying, "We don't need no more trouble." Lawd! Lawd! Isn't that the truth.
CNN woke me up this morning...

How many bullets does it take to make peace?
How much blood does it take to cleanse the soul of arrogance?

One hundred dead in a Baghdad market
Casualties of war. Innocence lies at Ground Zero
What's that you say we're dying for?

Somebody's daddy, a mother's baby won't be coming home
Won't cry no more. No more. We all Christians here
On the right side of the Holy Ghost. So what.

The sun rises and sets
It's a beautiful day on the purple hills of majesty
Where Liberty, that whore, waits

There is no time out on the Killing Field
The hungry beast just wants more
Let's feed her all we can