Saturday, August 19, 2006

I'm Gonna Git You Sucka

Right now I'm gonna "borrow" ah hem! steal a phrase from my spiritual sistuh girl, The Honorable Most High Angry Black Bitch. It is she who gives me clarity in moments of crisis and I am at the moment eyeball deep in some major shit. Let's talk about the 'path of the righteous bitch;' or why some people deserve an ass whoopin. Ya'll out there in Bloggerdom have read my words on The Daylight Robbers. They be those among us who feel called/ compelled to crush individual thought and steal your joy. When the joy goes, so does the light that fuels the creativity and when that dies, well roll over and call in the backhoe cause your ass is as good as dead.

The very existence and presence of this righteous bitch has always aggravated the snot out of the thought police, which is another name for the DR's. It's as if they sense there is a counteragent of free thought in their midst. Never mind, I'm a peace loving nonagitant who never goes looking for a fight. I will however kick your ass after I've done with the crying towel. My wage days are spent in what can best be described as a thought prison. The 'TeePee' is controlled by the DR's who feed on diversity like dawgs on raw meat. The wage slaves like myself are their banquet. Let me take you to one of their latest gatherings. If at any time you feel the urge to puke, vomit or shit your pants, feel free. Cause that's my reaction to all of this......

message to barbie: see me in the hall of mirrors (conference room)

In response I show up on time. But of course I'm made to wait. I expect this b/c the DR's seize any and every opp to prove their omnipotence. Had I made one of them wait, a memo would surely follow re. my inability to be prompt and the ramifications of this act of insuborination.

DR: See hear, we have complaints about yew, your tone of voice, your swagger, your failure to bow and scrape in the presence of your superiors. Hell, let me just tell it like it is, you're exhibiting an attitude of personal power. People are talking. Can yew tell us what yew intend to do about this.

barbie: Can ya speak a little louder, into the microphone of this minirecorder please! The very same which I will be playing for my labor lawyer later. I have no justification for my attitude. I have no justification for my thoughts. I have no real justification for my existence and was just this morning asking God, 'wassup.' But I do have a question. Can you defend your bullshit notions that you have a brain? And just where do you get this notion that you can walk on water, turn water into wine? Healed any lepers lately? Have you heard the phrase, The higher they climb the harder they fall. Careful who you step on in your climb to the top. You'll meet 'em on your fall to the bottom? As for me, I won't buy into your love of innuendo and lies. I don't seem to have the required currency. I'm fresh outta ignorance and ego.

(fade right and out the door as the DR plots the next nasty e-mail, eats a bugger and tries to figure out what just happened....)

Nitey night all....

Monday, August 14, 2006

When the shit hits the fan and the lemons are too rotten for lemonade.....

Think BOSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!