Friday, December 22, 2006

Ground Control To Major Tom

Shuttle Discovery Touches Down Safely at Kennedy Space Center
By Demian McLean
Dec. 22 (Bloomberg) -- The space shuttle Discovery landed safely at Florida's Kennedy Space Center, less than two hours after NASA scrapped a touchdown because of bad weather.


I get goose bumps. I think the space program is one of the best things about America and I am amazed every time the shuttle goes up and comes home safely. When I was a kid growing up in Miami, we all watched the astronauts suit up and get in the space capsule. It was surreal. They looked so brave. Then we waited and held our breaths until they returned home safely. I can close my eyes and see the cone shaped capsules bouncing and floating in the Atlantic. Times have changed and now we have a shuttle. It still makes me proud to be an American like nothing else does. The CNN announcer said the Discovery has traveled over five million miles. Well Done!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Girl's Alright!

First try and I passed the MTEL! Boston is on the horizon. I can see the Charles thru the trees! I will soon be leaving Bubbadom for good. I have not been deliriously happy for a long long time and true to oform, when I accessed my passing status online, I read it at least six times and still didn't believe it 24 hours later. I have obviosly been seriously scarred by life and have trouble believeing anything good will come my way. But in passing the MTEL, well HOT !!! DOUBLE DOSE OF DAM!! maybe the times they are indeed changing! Sooooooo I go into this yuletide season not pissed off about very much. Now that doesn't excuse my blogging drought. I'll chalk that up to laziness. Actually I couldn't focus on syntax when my future was out there on hold. So now I can begin packing, sending out resumes, getting the house ready to sell....all that good shite.

Might as well. I truly am not in the Christmas spirit. Going out amonost the populace makes me want to barf. Americanns on an average day are selfish, self centered overly indulgent and rude. Give 'em a reason; like a country to pillage or the birth of the baby JJJJJJJJJEEEEEEEZZZZ....US and they just go stark raving ludicrilous! The stores are full of screaming, whiny children and frenzied adults with cell phones implanted in their ears. Traffic? Well let's not even go there. In the midst of it all, I had to take the COCKER in for his annual physical. Let me just say if you've been suckered into pet ownership, do your wallet a favor and get pet insurance. The vet's bill came to $437. One of those doggie vaccines costs more than a flu shot. But doggy poo is healthy and happy. He showed his gratitude by droppping a load on the floor at Petsmart. I think all the dogs do that just to let the other dogs know that they were there. The people who work at Petsmart don't seem to mind smelling poop all day long. That's a very good thing because the dogs don't ask permission.

These are the HOLY-days and I've been spending mine watching the food network. There's something to be said for that Rachel Ray----and it ain't "YUMMO" But I gots to give sistuh girlie credit. I now know how to make sausages and ciaopinno (probably spelled that wrong). It's fish stew and it was yummo!

Here's More of What I've Been Up To........
Listening to......vintage David Bowie (This is not Amerika......)
Eating.....the fish stew (of course)
Watching....Food Network and Wife Swap (now there's a concept)...Caught a bit of Dubya on CNN. Is it me or is that man seriously deranged. He has a really bad attention deficit problem. By the time he finishes taking the long way around the facts, everyone has forgotten the original question
Drinking.....Finally got that red shaker at Pier 1 to make Mojitos
Reading.....Stephen King on Writing (he's really quite funny and has good tips on writing)
Exercising....I need Jenny Craig........the ass is spreading again.....

Merry Christmas Y'all!!!!!!