Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Gimme Shelter From The Storm

I have a hard enough time believing in people these days and lately it's getting harder. Frankly I haven't experienced much 'humanity' in the human race. I am often tempted to wonder if there is a creator, all wise, knowing and full of love....why oh why can't he spread some around down here. PEOPLE ARE OUTTA CONTROL!!!!!!!! Why would someone knock me off the road and into a concrete median, on a Sunday, on Mother's Day for Crissake? I know there are no answers to these kinds of questions. It was a deliberate, senseless act. For the second time in two years someone has almost wiped me out on the highway. Instead of being killed, I was just knocked a little senseless momentarily and while the asswipe sped off, three good samaritans stopped to help me. One of them was a nurse with the kindest face I have ever seen. The other was an EMT and the other witnessed the whole thing and gave a statement to the police. That last detail being of the utmost importance because this is the South and Bubbas with badges still have a tendency to think all Black people are liars and con artists. Think of the irony of it all. One guy with no regard for human life and three total strangers who cared. I see an apocalyptic world in the future when we're all going to need each other, mostly to protect us from the asswipes of this planet. I hope there are enough 'Good Guys' out there to go around.