Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy (I wouldn't go that far) New Year (Yes it is)

It's 2010 and I am sort of elated about it, if only because the gawd forsaken 2009 is over and done and hopefully so is the misery that came with it. New cabinets are on the way after I plunked down 2200$ at Lowes (ouch)The new contractor wants another 1000$ to put them in. I'm still debating that one. It seems to me putting in prefab cabinets in a kitchen as small as mine should not be that much. The other good news is the Marshall's office has served the papers on the contractor who wrecked my kitchen. I would have given anything to see dumbass' face when he got that envelope. Merry Christmas, you sorry fart.

(M) gave me a Crackberry for Christmas and as I only gave up my tracphone with much kicking and screaming after my first attempts at using it, I must say it's fun. I can see why so many are addicted. The Sony camera he got me for my birthday now has a new memory card. Using it will be much fun. I can almost see into the neighbor's living room across the street with that long lens.

I spoke to (J) this morning. She went to the Sheriff's annual office Christmas party (I didn't get invited this year) and later went with some mates to a local club. This morning she pronounced, "We are too old for clubbin'" I told her, I thought she knew. She sat alone at a table, in a local 'hot spot,' unnoticed for most of the night. Apparently the beer swiggin', sidewalk spittin' tobacco chewing good ol' boys in the durty south don't know yet, it's socially correct to date a Cougar. It would be beneath me to go to a club, perch my butt on a bar stool and hope one of them asked me to dance. I'd rather eat stale jerky.

I'm more than a little down in the dumps that Christmas vacation is almost over. Forty-eight hours and I'm back in the clutches of the Thought Police. I have to make tomorrow special in some small way. I feel like the prisoner planning his last meal. It's got to be a good one.