Saturday, March 11, 2006

I Love A Good Hoe

Ahhh the sun is out...80 degrees and sunny today. First a walk in the park and then I couldn't resist breaking out the garden tools. Nothing and I mean nothing gives me a greater thrill than the hum of my weed wacker. I also recently bought a leaf blower to add to my prized collection along with a chain saw when spring was just a gleam in my eyes. But now there are buds on the cherry blossoms and weeping willow in the yard. It's time to break out my stash; hoe and all!!!! First the weed wacker. It was the first piece of lawn equipment I bought as a newly divorced single woman. Every time I plug it in, I get an overwhelming feeling of female empowerment. When hubby decided he wanted to take flight I didn't know the difference between a wrench and a screw driver (significant because I had really gotten screwed by that man) and I hate feeling inadequate. My power tools now let the whole neighborhood know that here's a woman who can take care of some business! I mean anybody can buy a few perennials and stick them in the ground right? Speaking of flowers. I love them. They literally jump into my car whenever I'm at Loews. I put in a few periwinkles and pink phlox just to give the steps and the porch a bit of spring color. The pansies were irresistible; marked down to 1.50 for a hanging basket. They'll be fine on the porch out of the sun for a while. Loews was packed. Gardeners were crawling around the place like dazed crack addicts. Me and another soul shared our bewilderment over the infinte number of choices for weedin and feedin the grass. I mean what's the difference between 10-10-10 and that expensve weed 'n feed anyhow? Can someone in Bloggerdom tell me huh?
My good friend (T) called this morning. I have been trying to reach her for way too long. After ditching her $75,000 a year job she bought a jaguar and then took another job paying much less and it didn't work out. (T) has always had a problem.Ya see, she's a black woman with skills and there ain't an apologetic bone in her body. She's my dam hero!!!!!!! when I was clueless and gutless (a suicidal combination) and didn't have a backbone, she loaned me hers for a long long time. The woman really deserves her due, hell don't we all. We talked for three hours and still didn't catch up. We're both older and wiser. We both talked about coming to the realization that there are lots of beyotches out there who really need a good smack down. (T) said there's a difference between payback and getting even. We used to be all about the getting even. But now we both have more faith 'cause the same scum that tries to clip your wings will always get theirs.....always and wihout your help....There's a payback genie out there workin' that mojo for all the righteous sistuhs in this world. Hallelujah, pass the cornbread!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

She's So Invisible

I wuz gonna write about the saturday i had the day i waited for the big barganza and it finally came and it made me happy crowds do that to me i get giddy so happy to be a part of the overall connectedness of humaniy not invisible anymore but the high never lasts and i'm nostalgic now after dreaming boston reading about what's happening there with me here where i don't want to be and there really is no way out from the red clay hole this georgia pulling me like a giant sinkhole til there's so much less of me the invisible me that i've become someone reminiscing and calling dreams real too dumb to know too stubborn to know the ride on the carousel is winding down hell it may already be over and i'm just running in circles engine off......