Sunday, December 28, 2008

True Colors, Fake Joy and Reasons to Celebrate

I came in late after working last night. (K) and (R) had people over and he was barbecuing in the back yard again. I was surprised when (K) called and told (M) to come down and get something for me to eat. I'm having the ribs for lunch today. I will be going in to work again in a couple of hours. (T) called. She's in Miami and cursing what she calls the "fake joy." We cleared the air as usual about each other's current issues. She told me what I already knew about (S). She is not my friend' and she never was. There were always red flags. At least I've larned to pay attention. (T) called (S), "a collector of people" and said she's dangerous, that I should keep my distance. (T) says, In the end,(S) will get caught stealing from the store and do herself in. Now that I've seen her true colors, I'm relieved in a way. There was always a nagging question in my mind; 'Who is the real (S)?' (T) reminded me, 'nobody likes everybody.' (S) does things for people, so that she can use them. I never felt genuine loyalty from her.

I also talked to (T) about some of the bumps I've had along the way. She didn't know that (M) and I were almost evicted once or that I once had to get housing assistance. There's a 'miracle' connected to each thing I have accomplished over the years. (T) says I have my mother's angel on my shoulder. She may be right.

It's quiet in the house. It's still grey outside and not cold at all. At night the fog makes driving hazardous. (M) got a ride to church. He is so resourceful. I am grateful they are alaways willing to help him. I was in quite a bit of pain last night and had to break down and take something for it. I really hate pills! I'm going to have to start thinking seriously about the surgery.

I've started to plan for January 20th. I won't be working. I'll have a little celebration for one.