Sunday, May 13, 2007

13 Things

I think these lists are silly....I guess I'm in that kinda mood ya! after listening to The Be Good Tanyas....AWESOME!!!!!!

In My Glass: New England Coffee-Blueberry Cobbler in the morning, Green Tea all day long, Strawberry Lemonade, Bacardi and Mojito mix at night
Listening To: Lizz Wright (Hit the Ground…..I can’t get enough!!!!!)Patty Griffin (Nobody’s Crying), Amy Winehouse (Fuck Me Pumps), Mary Karlzen (Wish You Well), Skye (Love Show), The Be Good Tanyas (Human Thing), India Arie (God Is Real)
In My Refrigerator: baked turkey breast, guacamole , fruit salad, cottage cheese, provolone, lettuce, lettuce and more lettuce
New In The Closet: Pink rain boots…the fat clothes are baaaaaaack!
In A Diva’s Bath: Avon Self Sanctuary White Tea Vanilla Shower Wash (washes away the bad)
On The Feet: Green terrycloth flip flops with sequins
What’s Keeping Me Sane: The pink impatiens growing like mad cannibals in my garden and the pink Oleander that greets me in the driveway
Current Obsessions: Music, Moving to Boston
Required Snack: Dark chocolate with raspberries, cherry flavored craisins
Avoiding Like The Plague: The telephone (I hate phones!!!!)
Colors I Can’t Help Wearing: pink, green, brown, white
People On My Poison Pen List: Oprah, Oprah and Oprah
Reading and Watching: Some of Us Did Not Die (June Jordan is my she-ro) Lou Dobbs on CNN….Lou hangs everybody’s dirty laundry

Who Can Find A Virtuous Woman?

May 13
for jewell
"...Her worth is far above rubies"

This day awakens the motherless child hidden deep,
now waning into twilight years
I wrestle with the big sleep, lumbering
relentlessly toward me
The motherless child resists this day etched with remembrances

You were a stoic wind against so much suffering
as she watched helpless and alone
In the end, there was nothing anyone could do
for you who never entertained defeat

So much like you, it’s you she hears when she speaks,
nothing could stop her trying
She brought daisies from the cut-rate wholesaler
the child became the mother, offering you all she had,
putting her hand against yours, a perfect match

She vowed to remember;
not the fist of death or the pain
that robbed you of speech, hearing and consciousness
but those words you spoke to the child who needed
your blessing; a staff to lean on when you would be gone
“You showed me what love is”
And on the wings of peace you departed
"Her children rise up and bless her...Many daughters have done nobly, but you excel them all ...
let her works praise her..."