Monday, December 31, 2007

The Good Things

My pal Michele thinks I should write down something good that happens each day. According to her, it sounds and is simple but, focusing on the positives will help my outlook. So I went to M and asked him to list 10 good things that happened to me this year. He is an eternal optimist. Here's his take on things:

1. Fewer job hassles
2. Another trip to Boston
3. More communication with M
4. A new attorney who has my interest at heart
5. No death threats from bill collectors
6. The Champ doesn't need back surgery
7. Fewer $$$$ problems
8. The 'maro is still running fine
9. According to M, I'm more compassionate (but still a bitter critter!)
10. Good health

My List begins with yesterday, which was the first day of M's challenge.

1. It rained most of the day and I like rain
2. I got prosciutto for the scallops and champagne I'll be having for New Year's brunch
3. I finally got L on the phone and we chatted
4. I didn't lose my temper once

Hmmmmm. I have four things on that list and that surprises me. I was scheduled for the dentist today so Dr. R could refix the crown which shattered when I fell in the tub. The filling he did last week is loose but the tooth is holding. He said I should come in Thursday when I can breathe which is probably the safe thing to do. I sound awful but feel ok. I have today off from the 2nd job and I haven't shopped in a while. I'm going out. The sun is shining. YAY!