Friday, December 30, 2005

My Main Man

"....she sang her last melody and sighed,
lover man oh where can you be?..."

Isn't He Cute

I spent most of the day hangin' out with my man. He loves to play and I can't resist giving in to him. He never tires and is satisfied with a bone. Champ aka The Champ Man/Champerdoodle. He also gives wet kisses! In between go fetch, I put all the Christmas decorations away. Martha Stewart would be proud. I individually wrapped everything in tissue paper and labeled the box. Then I went out for jugs of water and ended up shopping for next year. Maybe if I buy stuff now, I can save for a really great trip next season. I could have gone to BOS this Christmas but the cold weather scared the shit outta me. I don't even know how to walk in snow.....and I started obsessing, thinking what if I got cold, really, really cold and passed out on a sidewalk in a gutter in Somerville and got frostbite and strangers walked around my frigid body, making their way to Johnny D's, as I turned to a posicle and died, another nameless nobody in my favorite city. That's no way to go. I'll wait 'til summer. It would have been nice to be there for First Nite and hear Odetta sing (sigh). I've got Korbel chillin'. Party of One. This way!


At 11:25 AM , Blogger Haldane said...

hi Barbie I had to go through all the sign up, but i am here Yooo Hooo!! Hullo!!


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