Saturday, May 31, 2008

I've Got It Good and That Ain't Bad

today is a "good" day. i measure good days by gauging the absence of pain in my life; physical and mental. i do not have many good days. maybe it's the break from too much work that summer will bring. maybe my mood has been lifted by the presence of a few friends whom i treasure immensely....
(s) is special....and she reminds me that good people still exist...she was on the other side of the counter when i first met her and now she's part of the 'team.' when i work with her, i laugh until it hurts and most nights when i come in to the second job, i need a good laugh after a hard day. she's also taken the pressure off me to be the group's comic relief...friday, she brought us dinner from a restaurant even though she wasn't working and there's always a little something in the cooler for me when i get to work. i'm reminded of that song; " on your brother, everybody get together, try and love one another right now..."