Thursday, July 26, 2007

Boston You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me!

I'm just back from my 5th trip to Boston. The trip this time was bitter sweet. I expected to be in the midst of moving to Massachusetts and starting a new job and those plans have not materialized. Every day is a struggle to keep believing that the path I am trying to make for myself will open up for me. After months of effort, only one interview materialized and the job was given to someone else before I was even interviewed. In spite of the disappointment, I went to Northampton and on to Easthampton and interviewed anyway. I wanted to see the area because it looked exactly like the kind of community I am looking for. I absolutely loved the Pioneer Valley, which includes Amherst and Holyoke. Smith College and several other colleges are there. I have looked in vain for another job opening in the area. I was back on the Peter Pan Bus bound for Boston after spending a few hours looking around.

My Boston itenerary included.....................

Monday.....Arrive and take the Redline to Porter Sq for supplies for the week. This time I stayed in a larger room at Morrison House and it included a refrigerator. I made salads and saved money on eating out every night as in the past.
Tuesday.....I took the Redline to South Station and boarded the Peter Pan Bus for Northampton. A cute Irishman let me get ahead of him in line so I wouldn't be late. Why are all the Irishmen so cute!!!!!!!!
Wednesday.....In the morning, I went to the JFK Library and Museum, accessible on the Redline. Thank God! Seeing and hearing this great leader again brought tears to my eyes. His words are such a contrast to what we hear today. I met Joann for dinner. We went to the North End and had a great Italian dinner. I also saw Paul Revere's House. We strolled LongWharf and went through Fanuil Hall and Christopher Columbus Park. My feet were killing me and I couldn't face another train ride. I splurged on a cab.
Thursday.....CHINA TOWN! The food was disappointing but the big Chinese grocery store was not. I shopped but not as much as I would have liked. Hauling packages on the train is not fun. I have learned what you buy, you must also carry. I was so tempted to ask strangers if they had a car and could take me back to Somerville!
Friday....A planned meet with my friend Em from Lowell fell through and also caused me to miss Provincetown:(...I went to Harvard Square which was aa madhouse with folks dressed up for the Harry Potter release party at Harvard Square Books. I met up with a girl I met two years ago doing henna tatoos in the square. More shopping and a terrific burger at Bartley's. I saw a play that evening at The Loeb on Brattle.
Saturday.... was reserved for The Garment District but I think I was too pooped to dig in very much. I scooped a DKNY fleece jacket and Claiborn skirt for a coworker. Upstairs had some terrific textiles. I bought a few pieces for wall hangings and headwraps. Before going, I made the rounds at the booths set up in Davis Square for Artbeast, the annual festival sponsored by the Somerville Arts Council. I had lunch, bought some of the crafts and took pictures. One vendor was an African woman who made great bags. I was back in the square after the Garment District to get dinner at Diesel Cafe.
Sunday...I met up with Roberta and Anna on Newbury Street for brunch at Stephanies. Joann and I ate there last year. It was great seeing them again. They also gave me job hunting tips. Anna dropped me off in Harvard Square. More shopping. A quick trip to Cardullo's and Tealuxe.
I wanted to catch Ieyoka at the Lizard Lounge but was too pooped and decided to pack.
Monday morning....drama with the bag. It was determined by Ron's handy dandy scale ("You can buy some useful things over the Internet,)" says Ron. My one bag was overweight by about 40lbs. Ron loaned me a Nike zip tote (to be returned) and saved the day! I shared the cab ride with a visitor from Austrailia. When we pulled up to her Delta gate, the meter read $37.50. She handed me $40. Boy was I glad! I ended up paying $4.50 for the toll and tipped the driver $5.
I had one $50 traveler's check, $40 in cash and about $70 left on my Visa travel card! Actually, that's more money than I usually come home with!
Our driver was a Haitian immigrant who came to this country, (Florida) in the mid '80's. He completed a degree in Boston and is now a mechanical engineer for MBTA. He builds engines. He drives a cab during the day. He told me he has put two children through college. One son is also an engineer. He owns three properties. The last was bought for a million. He rents the basement room in one of his houses for $900 a month. He said what every immigrant I have talked with has told me. There are plenty of jobs. They all come for the jobs. He also said he works like a dog. His name was Luke. His story inspired me.
Boston inspires me....I will be back......