Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Little Pain....Counting the Gains

I went to the doctor Friday. I have had excruciating back pain. I also have pain after eating. It's so bad that I have had to take Hydrocodone. I'm not happy about that at all. I break the pills into 4 pieces and it's enough to keep me functioning. A while back I had two car accidents and my back has not been the same since. The MRI revealed a degenerating disc but that's not really where the pain is. There's a history of cancer in my family and I become hypervigilent about health matters. The doctor scheduled a sonogram to check for gall stones and gave me more pills. When I left the doctor's office, the car wouldn't start and the temerature was dropping rapidly. I called AAA. Why do they keep you on the phone so long with asinine questions? It is aggravating. The woman on the other end, said I would have a 45 minute wait. I thought (E) might have jumper cables but when I called she suggested calling the auto club. I wanted instant rescue dammit. A hospital security guard saved the day with one of those starter whatchamacallits. He said I could get one at Wal-Mart (of course) for 50$. I've got 50$ but I'd much rather save it for buying stuff for my new kitchen. The car seems to be working fine and all gauges are where they should be. I thought about going to see Rich at Tires Plus but that would cost more than 50$ and decided against it.

As for the back pain, I've decided against being a pill junkie and will start taking better care of myself, which will call for discipline. I don't have much of that. I've taught myself lots about nutrition (because of the family history) and herbs. I need to put it into practice. I know it will make a difference.

Right now I'm making beef barley soup and corn cakes. I still don't have a stove. It's amazing what can be done with electric cooking pots and a griddle.

I'm also working on a narrative I recently finished titled Trippin' With Daddy. Unless I change my mind, I will be sending it to Anderbo. I took the time to read almost everything on their site. I like that they give new writers a chance along with other established writers. I also think my writing fits what seems to be their preferred style. I may also send one of the narratives from Sisters Tell the Story, the book I've been working on forever. I told (E) about several of the stories when we had dinner at Carrabbas. Pam, the wife of the Assistant DA whose husband is on the down low. Johanna, who met her husband through a voodoo practicing aunt. Jacqui who plants plastic flowers and leaves her husband because he has no class. The first thing (E) asked was, where did I get the ideas for the stories. I was so pleased when she said that. I told her, the stories are true. She was lost when I talked from a writer's point of view but she said the stories are something she would read. It doesn't get any better than that. Who cares if the reader doesn't understand the writer's motivation,the tricks with words, blah blah blah.
Entertain them. That's what matters.