Monday, February 19, 2007

A True Blues Survivor

(I'm a true blues survivor)I've been left in distress up sky high(I'm a true blues survivor)I've been busted and mistrusted, left by myself(I'm a true blues survivor)I've been up, I've been down, left all around(I'm a true blues survivor)I been busted, mistrusted, I been up, I been down,locked in, left out, kept me hangin' around(I'm a true blues survivor)(I'm a true blues survivor)(I'm a true blues survivor) ...Joe Louis Walker **************************************************************************************

It's funny what we latch on to to help us keep keeping on. Last week, for me it was the blues.

Collection man knockin at my door
Collection man knockin at my door
Sittin here wondern' what that old man botherin me for

I got two nickles and a rusty nail
just two nickles and a rusty nail
Lawd I might be better off
in that man's jail

I haven't thought about blues music in oh I guess not ever. But for some reason, that little voice I have learned to listen to over the years, the one that keeps me alive 'n kickin whispered (It always whisters.), "The Blues." And so it was to the blues I went for succor and solace after a wicked, wicked week.

I found some tasty stuff. I'm a true convert. I even briefly thought of reviving my brief, lackluster singing career. Yep, I could become a blues woman. Blues women reasoned I, are supposed to wear their age on their faces and hips as I do . My imperfections would be assets. Nice dream.

A Few of My Favorites:

1. Katie Webster
2. Ann Rabson
3. Marcia Ball
4. Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials
5. Shemekia Copeland (momma blows like a hurricane married to a twister!)
6. Buddy Guy
7. Guitar Shorty (Lock up your virgins! He taught Jimi Hendrix his licks.)
8. Valerie Wellington
9. Ruth Brown
10. Ko Ko Taylor
11. Tinsley Ellis
12. Eric Lindell
13. Etta James (The queen of 'em all y'all)
Inconsistency is hypocrisy's handmaiden....They both make me want to puke....

Lately when I leave church, I feel pukish. Me and God have no problem. It's religious types that make me want to go on a serial killing rampage (dam. Did I really say that.) Hang with me while I attempt to explain*******
The pastor at my church says things like "God wants to use your "gifts" in service to him. It's all about relationship....our relationship to God and our relationship to each other." It's that last one that sticks to me like crusted shit on shoe leather. Something's wrong reasons I when you've been going to the same church as long as I have, done the handshake on Sunday morning, grinned the cheesy grin hundreds of times and can count no one, not one of the people you see every Sunday morning as friend. I meet more people and have more meaningful relationships on this Blog. In Harvard Square talking to strangers dammit! So where's the Christlike love? Huh? I have a disturbing tendency to expect sincerity from people in the house of Gawd. It hasn't been forthcoming, making it tiresome to hold on to the words of God. Ya feel me? But hold on I do because what is left if God goes? Huh? The thought makes me very very very depressed. Even more depressed than hypocrisy and inconsistency.

So I'm in a holding pattern, waiting for God to take time out from trying to get Britney into rehab, making sure 'lil Dannielynn doesn't end up with the man who killed her mommie, curing AIDS, ending world hunger, reversing the Greenhouse Effect, getting Scooter B out of the White House and waking Amerika up to it's spiraling skid toward the Apocalypse....The Blues is what I got 'cause God sure is busy at the moment.