Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Oh Muse Me Already!!!!!!!

I haven't had a creative thought all day. I am however plagued by the thought that soon and very soon I will be returning to the JOB, aka The Grind, the Old Ball 'n Chain, the Chain Gang....SKOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL. I want to make the most of my time but all I do is 'think' about what I want to do and waste time on these blogs. Oh Blogbaby how I love ya how I love ya. I spent way too much time reading some guy's blog in BOS (A Swede in Boston) I didn't know people like that existed (well sure I did but I don't know any of them). Perfect life, perfect job. No worries. I have been thinking about my fascination with the blog medium and I've figured some things out:
#1 Blogs have reassured me that "The Word" the all powerful "WORD" is alive and well. We are not as I suspected going bacward on the evolutionary spiral. People are reading. People are writing. Right on for The People.
#2 Mostly I don't like people but I can like bloggers (um 'people') because I don't really have to know them and as is usually the case with my interactions....become disappointed, disenchanted, disillusioned by the reality of their presence.
#3 One of my most favorite things in the world is to watch people, the very mundane nature of life fascinates me to no end. Ergo, the blog offers me an endless fix.
Ahhhhhh the sun is out. I'm going to water aerobics later but in the mean time maybe I can get something done and stop wasting this time at home. I need to move the treadmill upstairs where there's more room and I can actually use it and finally make a path in the closet I created from an extra room downstairs. maybe I'll make the bed. I need to find the vacuum cleaner bags. Decisions, decisions!
Wicked Women I'm Glad I've Known (The "Z" Girls of Savannah)
"You're a WIT (woman in training). You're not a woman until you're 50. Nobody is." Miriam
"I hid inside myself, still as a deer. Mommie was a predator." Linda
"My ultimate fantasy is satisfaction." Caitlin"
Sentimentality is the death of art." Rosemary"
Am I washed up or washing away?" Shavone"
No guts, no story." Rosemary"
You'd think because Abby is a Jew, she'd know what rejection feels like." Barbie"
Commit yourself to the project and write the hell out of it."
There isn't enough time in life to read bad crap" anonymous
"I've gone through menopause. I'm over the sex but my husband isn't." Carolyn
"I'll be back. There's nobody in this room I don't like." Brenda
"My parents were both alcoholics. Their common denominator was that they both liked to fuck each other." Cissy
"I'm tired of being told I don't count because I'm a homemaker." Elsa
"It's a cheap shot to nail your parents when you're as old as I am." Susan
"Whatever you think is going to get you, it's going to be something else." Carolyn
" cramming a dick into sandpaper..." Debbie on her first sexual experience as a 19 year old bride


At 6:33 AM , Blogger Richard said...


I'm Richard, the Swede in Boston guy. Just googled that and found your post. I'm not blogging anymore though since my "perfect life" and "perfect job" takes too much time.

But I must ask you, why on earth would you think I have a "perfect life" and "perfect job"? That really surprised me.

Anyway, I don't have time to read your blog right now, but I will. Maybe the answer is in there somewhere?

Take care,

At 7:52 AM , Blogger barbie said...

Of course I have my reasons all written here within the Blog but as you say you have no time to read and I don't have an e-mail of yours to reach you. I am amazed that you found that comment. I will also be in Boston July 15-30...Time for coffee?

At 8:18 AM , Blogger Richard said...

I'll be back in Europe on vacation the whole of July unfortunately. Still have the lengthy Swedish vacation luckily.

But here's my email (please don't post that). I actually would like to know your thinking behind those comments about a perfect life.

And I will read your blog.



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