Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Men Suck....Sucky...Sucky Men

My track record in romance is abysmal but I keep on trying. I wish like hell I could destroy this penchant I have for never giving up. It should be an admirable quality but it's not. If I was half as smart as I think I am, I'd just give up on love. Maybe I'm just one of those people who's meant to die lonely and alone. Good God do I sound pathetic. The reality is I keep on trying and no matter how many times I go to the dance and never get a partner, I keep going. I decided to give this online thing one more try and really thought I'd met someone. He was smart. He was funny. He was gainfully employed. I don't require much. We talked. We laughed. We shared stories and then he stopped calling. No e-mails. No nothing. After two weeks of barely communicating, he tells me he's found someone and they are 'both intent on persuing a relationship.' Say what! Gee, says I. I thought that's what we were doing. The fact is, I don't believe his story for a minute and I know I will never know what turned him off. That's the way it goes. At least he bothered to give me a 'story.' Most times, they never do. you're just left floating out there in cyberspace. A truckload of rejection can make you seriously doubt what you have to offer. I keep reminding myself that I'm educated, above average intelligence, I have a career and I look pretty dam good if I do say so. Furthermore, I'm nice. Really.
Maybe that's the problem. Nice girls don't get in the game.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

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Jumbo Crush

Dan Strikes A Pose

Itrained all day but I had a "mission" and would not let a few buckets of
water keep me from it. As soon as I found out Andrew Dan Jumbo (TLC's While You WereOut) would be at the annual home and garden show, I marked my calendar! This man is a hottie! and nice too. When I got close to the stage to take a pic, he stopped and posed. As I walked away, he said, you look nice by the way. OMG! I almost had the vapors but I was cool. People stood in line to get autographs. But I knew if I got close to him I might make a blubbering fool of myself. So I went home happy with my shot. If I had to describe the perfect man, it would certainly be Dan; good looks and he can build things. What more could a woman ask for. JUST LOOK AT THOSE BICEPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's the TLC WYWO website.http://tlc.discovery.com/fansites/wywo/geton/geton.html There's more about him here; one of People magazine's most beautiful people. Well I second that AND he volunteers for charity. What a man!