Thursday, June 29, 2006

Stop This Train I'm Leavin'

I called Kim today and she came over. I got an eye opener about what it takes to sell a house; at least mine anyway. Kim was one of the realtors on the sale of this house when I bought it six years ago. I called her b/c I trust her and she has kept in touch. After walking through, she mentioned some minor cosmetic stuff (painting), gave me a number for a reliable contractor and read me the numbers. Gee it looks like real estate really is a good investment! According to Kim, she'll have no trouble selling the house, indeed she has a buyer who wants this area. When I told her my timeline, she said , "Gee Barbie, i don't think I ever had anyone call me a year in advance!" I felt really dumb. But there are some things I needed to know and she settled some questions. I also value her advice and I am now sure I want her to handle the sale. Sooooo, it looks like another green light for Boston or somewhere nearabouts as they say down here in Bubbaville. I'll be in Boston again on July 15th. I can hardlyt wait to hook up with Em again. This time, I'll be looking at lofts in Lowell. OOOOOO WEEEEE! I got the info packet from Mass ED a couple of days ago. They don't make the process simple. You need a phd just to figure out the process. That's ok. I just keep reminding myself, the only way out is the way through. Gotta remember to buy a snow shovel!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

That Bitch Is Crazy

In case there was any doubt. It is now official. Since she has pissed off the Queen of broadcasting, Star Jones will be lucky to get a job on an infomercial. I mean, who in their right mind would piss off Barbara Walters? That nip tuck has gone to Star's brain and apparently cut off some oxygen.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

One of Life's Lessons

It's about time I laid this out in the open. Did anyone in B;loggerdom notice my brief absence. Well there was a reason. Ya'll knew it. Some of you may even have known I'd get around to this; an explanation of sorts I s'pose and a definite full scale rant! First of all let me say, people who rat out others when thier shit stinks to high heaven should wallow in slime forever with nary a second of reprieve for air to breathe! I was ratted out by co-workers (after experiencing anan admittedly bad day) for saying the "F" word. Yea. Supposedly (and I admit nothing), I screamed to the top of my lungs that I hated the "F'ing" place and all the "F'ING" people I work with. With some glee the Big guy called me in to his office and surropunded me with a posse of uppermanagement bobble types. Why do they always bring reinforcements? Am I really such a badazzzzzzzzz? Did you say the (F) word? Did ya huh Did ya? I must have been lightheaded b/c I wasn't a bit scared that I might be fired on the spot. Oh Noooooo, I was pissed to the armpits that I was ratted by so called friends at work; people with all sorts of gaping imperfections. The nerve. Well says I, "None of it is true." There you have it Bloggers. When in a pickle, stare straight ahead and just say "No, it ain't so."

Sunday, June 25, 2006

What Love Is

He was old and we waited together to have prescriptions filled at the Kroger pharmacy. It was a sad drizzly day. He asked for gelatin capsules of a certain size. His wife, he said couldn't swallow her medication. She was a cancer patient. So he crumbled her pills and carefully filled the gelatin capsules. Later, I couldn't get him out of my head. That's what love is, I thought. I didn't know him, so I filled in the details of what I imagined their life together to be like. Does anybody love anyone like that anymore. Does anybody love anyone at all? I watched The Notebook on cable tonight. The story was a lot like the one I wrote about the man at the pharmacy. Two elderly people whose love lasted. They finally die together because of course a love like that cannot endure the passing of one. I am pretty much resigned to the fact that I will never know what love is. For the longest time, this caused me much grief because I have a deep capacuty for love., the real kind.; the kind most people seem to be allergic to these days.