Friday, November 24, 2006

Ready! Set! Shop!

John was there with his guitar and his daddy's credit card. White Chix rolled past in a red camaro with the windows rattling to the beat....The lyrics...."I want to FUCK you." A couple of short point guards from the high school basketball team sipped hot chocolate. The mother of one of the girls took breakfast orders from strangers in line over her daughter's cell phone. The guy next to me, a firefiighter stayed plugged in to his mp3 while talking intermittently with his wife via cell phone who was camped out in the parking lot at Mal-Mart. The old man ,(70ish) in front of me looked like he'd just landed on a strange planet with very entertaining oddballs. He couldn't stop smiling. It was 2 a.m. on line at the after Thanksgiving sale at Best Buy. John sang his song; "I want a laptop. I'm standin' in the cold 'cause I want a laptop. He got the manager's attention and a $20 gift certificate. The manager took him to the front of the line to entertain the faithful, some of whom had begun to que up at 11 am on Thanksgiving Day. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yes! The holidays have officially arrived and like a good American, I celebrated yesterday in gluttonous style by eating shamful amounts of dead bird, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, corbread dressing and sweet potato be damned. Today I headed out before the ass crack of dawn to worship with the faithful at the alter of conspicuous consumption. My take was a pink mp3 player, cd's, dvd's, and a Kodak digital camera, an upgrade from the photosmart I bought last year. Now what the hell am I going to do with 2 cameras? While I was in the store (It only took two and a half hours to get to the door), I looked around at people pushing wagon loads of hd big screen televisions, portable dvd players, computers and home theaters while fistsfull of greenbacks flew into the registers. The Best Buy employees looked absolutely of the greedy and eager to pay....long may she prevail. Happy Yule Y'all.