Thursday, June 29, 2006

Stop This Train I'm Leavin'

I called Kim today and she came over. I got an eye opener about what it takes to sell a house; at least mine anyway. Kim was one of the realtors on the sale of this house when I bought it six years ago. I called her b/c I trust her and she has kept in touch. After walking through, she mentioned some minor cosmetic stuff (painting), gave me a number for a reliable contractor and read me the numbers. Gee it looks like real estate really is a good investment! According to Kim, she'll have no trouble selling the house, indeed she has a buyer who wants this area. When I told her my timeline, she said , "Gee Barbie, i don't think I ever had anyone call me a year in advance!" I felt really dumb. But there are some things I needed to know and she settled some questions. I also value her advice and I am now sure I want her to handle the sale. Sooooo, it looks like another green light for Boston or somewhere nearabouts as they say down here in Bubbaville. I'll be in Boston again on July 15th. I can hardlyt wait to hook up with Em again. This time, I'll be looking at lofts in Lowell. OOOOOO WEEEEE! I got the info packet from Mass ED a couple of days ago. They don't make the process simple. You need a phd just to figure out the process. That's ok. I just keep reminding myself, the only way out is the way through. Gotta remember to buy a snow shovel!


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