Tuesday, June 27, 2006

One of Life's Lessons

It's about time I laid this out in the open. Did anyone in B;loggerdom notice my brief absence. Well there was a reason. Ya'll knew it. Some of you may even have known I'd get around to this; an explanation of sorts I s'pose and a definite full scale rant! First of all let me say, people who rat out others when thier shit stinks to high heaven should wallow in slime forever with nary a second of reprieve for air to breathe! I was ratted out by co-workers (after experiencing anan admittedly bad day) for saying the "F" word. Yea. Supposedly (and I admit nothing), I screamed to the top of my lungs that I hated the "F'ing" place and all the "F'ING" people I work with. With some glee the Big guy called me in to his office and surropunded me with a posse of uppermanagement bobble types. Why do they always bring reinforcements? Am I really such a badazzzzzzzzz? Did you say the (F) word? Did ya huh Did ya? I must have been lightheaded b/c I wasn't a bit scared that I might be fired on the spot. Oh Noooooo, I was pissed to the armpits that I was ratted by so called friends at work; people with all sorts of gaping imperfections. The nerve. Well says I, "None of it is true." There you have it Bloggers. When in a pickle, stare straight ahead and just say "No, it ain't so."


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