Friday, December 22, 2006

Ground Control To Major Tom

Shuttle Discovery Touches Down Safely at Kennedy Space Center
By Demian McLean
Dec. 22 (Bloomberg) -- The space shuttle Discovery landed safely at Florida's Kennedy Space Center, less than two hours after NASA scrapped a touchdown because of bad weather.


I get goose bumps. I think the space program is one of the best things about America and I am amazed every time the shuttle goes up and comes home safely. When I was a kid growing up in Miami, we all watched the astronauts suit up and get in the space capsule. It was surreal. They looked so brave. Then we waited and held our breaths until they returned home safely. I can close my eyes and see the cone shaped capsules bouncing and floating in the Atlantic. Times have changed and now we have a shuttle. It still makes me proud to be an American like nothing else does. The CNN announcer said the Discovery has traveled over five million miles. Well Done!


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