Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Enemy

"Fear holds us and binds us and keeps us from growing. It kills a small piece of us each day. It holds us to what we know and keeps us from what's possible, and it is our worst enemy. Fear doesn't announce itself; it's disguised, and it's subtle. It's choosing the safe course; most of us feel we have rational reasons to avoid taking risks. The brave man is not the one without fear but the one who does what he must despite being afraid."by: The King's Buccaneer, R. E Feist.
But where does this enemy come from? Are we born with it? I think not. I mean have you ever watched a baby? They know nothing and yet are willing to try anything. Fear does not hold them back. Maybe that's why The Book says we should be like little children huh? I dunno. I do know I'm tired of living my life afraid. I was not always this way. Why would I be given dreams if I was not meant to dream? Why was I given a voice if I was not meant to use it? Why would I have these words if I was not meant to share them? Why would I be if I was not meant to be? I am not content to survive. Surviving isn't living.


At 12:22 PM , Blogger Stephen Bess said...

I heard that!!! This is a very inspirational post that hits home. Thanks for that.


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