Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I'm Lookin' For A Real Love Baby

My love life is every bad blues song ever written and every painful cliche you could imagine. I've lived it. I'm here to testify! First let me admit, I am a diehard romantic with a streak of cynicism. I also admit to a fascination with internet dating sites. That last confession makes me a lifelong member of the "Cheesy Club For Pathetic Losers." I resist the urge to surf through the personals until I can't stand it anymore and my curisoty gets the better of me. And then I'm hooked on lookin' for days, wondering, "What if he's out there somewhere....looking for me!" Like a lot of women, I sometimes get the feeling that I'm a magnet for lunatics and morons. Mind you, the L&M's always sound wonderful in their profiles. Even after a few phone calls, you can usually never tell. Then their 'cloaking devices' come down and gradually I begin to realize I've hooked another dud. But I keep trying.


At 6:29 AM , Blogger Stephen Bess said...

That's crazy! You're a pretty lady. Love will come again in due time. It will be when you least expect. Well, that's how it has always been with me. I'll talk to you soon. :)

At 7:38 AM , Blogger barbie said...

I think u/r uncommon Stephen Anointed "Kindheart Warrior." You just don't realize the nature of the beast since you have broken off from the tribe...having been rescued/saved by African Beauty.

At 1:43 PM , Blogger Stephen Bess said...

lol! That was nicely said. :)I know that it is hard out there for the sistas. Yeah, it took me a long time to get to this place. It took her an even longer time because she is older. December 23rd will make 1 year. May God bless us all. :)


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