Friday, June 02, 2006

Ballad For a Sharp Dressed Mind

He's a man of sorrow this friend of mine and these words are for him, though he'll never see.
You wrote me baby one more time, crawled from beneath the burden of your sharp dressed mind
and what am I to say...
The report of your dying was premature
You only took to your bed in grief and desperation
Baby there is no cure for the torment you feel
No matter how many times Madonna comes to you,
She’ll always leave taking the baby Jesus
leaving grace in ashes at your blistered feet
Tired from walking tired of talking and what good are words anyway
I could tell you about the Daylight Robbers but you wouldn’t listen
Listen baby...
You’d better find a reason to live or they will
take your golden soul
I’ve been to where you are
walking the needles all alone
looking for redemption
or just a reason to go on
I can’t be that reason baby
You must find something more
I’m not enough
Still I’ll hold you at midnight when the red fades to black
and the candle of your loneliness leaves you crying
All I can do is gather the tears and mend your heart
We can hope for one more day


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