Tuesday, April 18, 2006

It's Humiliating Being Middle Class

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I just got off the phone with the gas Nazis.
Get this. I didn't use heat all winter (you heard right) I was determined. My own pitiful protest against skyrocketing oil prices and yeah I was more than a little paranoid to turn it on and watch my meager paycheck fly out the window. There ain't nuthin a sistuh can't do when she's determined. Anyway, I discovered they charge what they call a pass thru fee and service fees and get $$$ from this turnip anyway. Well last month I forgot to pay them their filthy lucre and they cut me off this month. So now of course I know I must deal with the robots who answer the phone and jokingly call themselves customer service reps. But hey! I know it's not their fault and I probably make more money than they do anyway and I blame myself for being so negligent but JEEEEZZZZZ. The more I talked the worse it got. I fnally got a "supervisor" that sounded like she was twelve and tried to be as humble as I could b/c that goes over BIG in the south. She was sympathetic but the bottom line is, get this; their "billing cycle" will kick out another gas bill before I even get paid and can pay this one including the $50 Reconnect fee for gas that by the way I ain't using anyway...Does your head hurt dear Blogger friend? Mine does. Well finally I decided groveling really doesn't become me and told Madam Supervisor I would just pay the stoopid bill. I mean who needs to eat three meals a day anyway. The other drone had told me I should call and get a 'seasonal disconnect' but supervisor drone said when you do that it's like reapplying all over again and they charge you to disconnect then they charge you fees and deposits like a new customer and run your credit rating and can deny you service. A sistuh can't afford close scrutiny of the credit history even though a sistuh cut up all her plastic in the eighties!!!!! Does this all sound like NAZI tactics to you. I tell you I had to get a Bud Light. And I don't drink beer. To compound today's humiliation, I went to the store this evening for coffee creamer and walked out. It was $3.99 for freakin CREMORA. The one luxury I allow myself is a giant cup o Joe which makes me feel like I'm a Super Model, skinny, fabulous, and well able to pay the gas bill! I did buy an eggplant. It was $2.59. Now if I'd bought the creamer and the eggplant, that's almost $7.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Is anyone paying attention to what we're paying for stuff anymore. Are we really too stupid to complain! S'cuse me while I go call the Public Service Commission while the phone service is still conneced. Don't worry Felicia, I won't give them your name.


At 11:36 AM , Blogger Stephen Bess said...

So true! So true! I won't say anymore because I emailed my response. Good post!


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