Sunday, April 09, 2006

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's Off To Savannah I Go!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago I was worried that rain would keep me from my monthly meeting with ZONA ROSA down in Savannah. Well it didn't! and Spring was bustin' out all over.


At 8:43 AM , Blogger Stephen Bess said...

That picture looks like a street over by Skidaway Rd. I miss Savannah. :)

At 4:43 PM , Blogger barbie said...

GAWD you're good. That is Skidaway. That's where Zona Rosa writers meets each month. If ya look closely, you'll see my silver Camaro aka the "Bullet"

At 7:41 AM , Blogger Stephen Bess said...

Ahhhh....and the majestic oaks! :) The next time that you're in Savannah turn on 90.3 FM WHCJ. That's the jazz radio station that I used to work. Mr. Ike Carter in manager. I had a show every Sunday night called, "A Sunday Kind Of Love." I was the man back then. :)


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