Sunday, January 08, 2006

Saturday in Savannah With Zona Rosa

It takes me two and a half hours to get to "The Pink Zone."

The sign outside Rosemary Daniell's
house welcomes writers to the monthly workshop....

Inside Rosemary mediates lively discussions on everything from "The Thirteen
Boo Boos" to avoid in writing to composing 'killer' query letters.
A few "Rosemaryisms" I love: Say yes to stress...Sentimentality is the death of art...Don't apologise for a fucking thing...No guts, no story...
Commit yourself to the project and write the hell out of it...We can be living our lives creatively all the time...Art can make beautiful what might be painful to look at...
And so it goes every month....Zona Rosa is the greatest therapy and in the meantime, I get to hear words from some of the most talented women I've ever met. Lately they've been after me to get off my lazy arse and publish. RD says I have several great book ideas...Oh the angst of it all!!!!

....a galley copy of RD's new book...quirky, different....It was passed
around and nobody wanted to put it down. RD is the Grand Dame of
'Chic Lit' but her work is so much more than what we have come to associate with the term. I hope this book establishes her contribution
to to the genre once and for all.

More pics....


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