Sunday, January 08, 2006

Weepy Weepy Weepy

Million Dollar Baby

Last night I watched Million Dollar Baby on HBO. I never saw it on the big screen. All I knew about this movie was that Hillary Swank who stars along with Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman, ate burgers in her designer gown at a hamburger joint after she won the Oscar for her performance. I wish I'd known what I was in for when I sat down to watch. This is a fantastic but NOT a feel good movie. No happy endings folks. We get Clint Eastwood's reluctant hero (nobody does it better) and Morgan Freeman, his trusty sidekick, who narrates throughout the flick. Clint directed, produced and stars. How's that for an over the hill cowboy! He also wrote the soundtrack.

Here's the short version: Clint takes on the 31 year old Swank as a fighter, trains her to perfection and they go after a million dollar payday. She is creamed by a mulatto skank from Germany. Lies paralyzed in a bed, loses a leg to bed sores, is victimized by her lazy, welfare cheatin' family who come after her money, begs Clint to end it all. He refuses and she tries to bite off her tongue. Clint gives in, unplugs the breathing machine and gives her a shot of adrenaline to put her mercifully to sleep. I won't even go into all of the psycho, social ramifications and life metaphors in this film. Suffice to say Clint's view of life has not mellowed with age....It is dark, dark, dark. I'm still cryin.'


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