Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Taking the Cure: A Good Lawyer and a Bottle of Champagne

I smell Friday...oh no, it's (M's) tilapia in the kitchen. I just got off the phone with a lawyer. We'll meet Feb. 8 and I will tell him my tale of woe; how mild mannered, trusting me was sucked in by an evil contractor and lost all of my insurance moneeeeeeeyyyyyyy. I intend to take one of the jacked up cabinets into court, along with the affidavit from another contractor and numerous photos of what was done to my kitchen and beautiful hardwood floors....I shall get even!

Hmmmm, that little rant felt good. I literally ran for an open door when the knockoff bell rang at the plantation today. The last 90 minutes at work was Dante'esque. The only thing worse would be to dream about it and I often have bad dreams about my days at the plantation. Oh woe is me. Will I ever get to Boston? I'd rather be a scullery maid on Beacon Hill than live and work here.

I have a bottle of Cristalino Brut chilling in the fridge...I hear it calling my name.


At 3:22 AM , Blogger Score One Art Gallery said...

I hate it when contractors aren't what they should be...honest and actually good at the jobs they're hired to do. Good luck in court.

At 6:51 AM , Blogger barbie said...

Thanks. I got the response from the realtor's lawyer yesterday and the court date is Feb. 18th. I am actually suing the contractor and the realtor who listed this guy as a preferred provider on his web site. He took no responsibility when I tried to resolve it with him. The contractor on the other hand has no lawyer. I also found out that he is not licensed bonded or insured as stated on the web site. I hope the judge sees it as wrong that this guy can recommend people who have no credentials. The contractor who finished the work said he would testify for me but you now how that goes and he also suggested I take one of the shabby cabinets to court.


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