Monday, January 18, 2010


One more blessed day from work and tomorrow the bell in the big house rings and all the slaves will return to the grind. I spent a good part of yesterday wondering why after several days I wasn't feeling better. Whatever I came down with, it does't want to let go. I stared out onto the neighbor's rooftop for a long time feeling like I was on a slow moving starship making its way through jello. It rained nonstop and everything was covered in grey.

Bits and pieces of phrases that will find their way into my writing popped into my mind. Like this one; Aunt Elma believed that by watching marathon episodes of Criminal Minds, she could manifest a serial killer to rid her of the neighbors across the street. The visual is a serial killer sneaking up on Elma in the dark as she clutches the remote. I thought it was hilarious. Read a couple of ZZ Paacker's stories. Liked them more than I thought I would. Her writing is clean/fluid, strong messages, cleverly delivered.

(D) left me these words when I saw her a few days ago. She always brings up my writing and the inevitable question came up. Have you ever tried publishing your stories? Well of course I've published but too infrequently to matter, so I said ,"yes and no." Her response; "What are you waiting for?" I don't have an answer. So her question is haunting me. I suppose, she knew it would. That's why I was at the Poets and Writers site for hours yesterday, looking at the listings for submissions. Trying to decide where to send your writing is like submittig your body to the rack for torture. I settled on Paddlefish, Perigree, Pilgrimage, Seven Circle Press, Sleet, Anderbo and Battered Suitcase. It's not like I'm indecisive or anything.

The Blessed Event has arrived. Lowes is here with the kitchen cabinets. Gotta get the camera!


At 8:16 PM , Blogger Kitty said...

Good luck with the submissions! It's great that you're taking that step.

It's nice your friends are encouraging you to extend yourself. It takes energy to do so but well worth it in the end. I wish you success!

At 3:10 PM , Blogger barbie said...

Thanks. I will keep you posted...I also expect a book of yours to be out soon!BTW...So nice to hear from you.


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