Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The kitchen is still a battle zone. I dreamed of shiny oak cabinets all day and during another boring meeting after work. The Daylight Robbers have stepped up their encroachment on my personal time. I expect that soon, they will have meetings to schedule meetings. The agenda; blah blah blablahlbeahbleah blah. I was dizzy by the time I got home and not having a sink or stove is wearing the last good nerve I have to a nub.
I listened to NPR on the drive home and heard them talk about an upcoming story on the Middle Class. What Middle Class? The term sounds as outdated today as mother's apron. What used to be a Middle Class is now just a demographic of working drones, barely surviving, hiding under the covers waiting for the next gas hike. Forget that. I'm still in sticker shock after checking out the price of Hillshire Sausages at the corner grocer; 4.69$ That's obscene. I used to enjoy shopping in the grocery store. Today it's like walking through a mine field of sheep do do, very unpleasant. Tread lightly, or you'll come away broke, busted, disgusted.

Americans on the other hand, pretty much deserve what's happening to them. We don't pay attention to laws and policies that will ultimately affect our lives in negative ways. We don't make our leaders accountable. Government is Us but we think Government is the politicians who don't give a dam about working people unless we make them care. No matter how bad things get, we chugger on. Life as usual. Handing over our hard earned cash. The people running the greedy corporations and banks count on our stupidity and our inertia. We don't let them down. Cha ching.


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