Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quakes Within and Without

Last Wednesday, I woke up feeling out of sorts. My energy was low. I seemed to cough for no reason and it felt as if goldfish were swimming around in my stomach. By midmorning, I had to have someone cover for me at work while I went to the bathroom. At first I thought the diverticulitis was kicking in again. But I couldn't remember eating anything that would make me sick. I am brutally realistic about most things but accepting that my body is mortal and prone to illness is not one of them. I crawled home at the end of the day and expected to be up and at 'em by morning but that was not to be and I am just now moving around after spending the last three days in bed. I got out once to keep an appointment with (D). She had given me "homework." at out last meeting. I dutifullly wanted to hear her response to what I had written. Whatever IT was, it is reluctant to let me go. I have noticed that as I have become older, when I get sick, I tend to think it is fatal. Illness for me is a rare occurance but one can never be too smug about the hand of fate.

I feel guilty about anything I have ever complained about...........

Who hasn't seen the horrific news coming out of Haiti. Nature has a way of declaring its omnipotence and making men feel insignificant in the wake of its power. I have watched newsmen and women on CNN break down as they try to report on the earthquake which leveled Port au Prince. No one could be inured to so much suffering. Each of us must do what we can...pray....give....volunteer. May God have mercy on us all and may the people of Haiti find strength to endure.


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