Friday, June 26, 2009

therapy notes

another appointment with (d) today blindsided by the first query last week tell me about the daylight of tears staining the ruby cushions and jewells voice coming from the well...tears are stupid...why do you cry...cry baby...cry baby....cryyyyyyyyihih...a supremes song is in there somewhere and i'm feeling so small getting smaller by the tick tock seconds on the clock trying in feeble moans to explain the hurt of it all how one lil ol' me should not be the object of so much much misery but there you have it.. i know how this goes...i explode and for a while the splatter is interesting like a fly caught with one wing under the belljar and your attention is riveted will she fly...huh will she die...will she shuffle off to the 13 floor will she be no will i know when i am cured if you don't know the disease...summer is a perfect backdrop for this meltdown dancing in the shadow of dysfuntionality... oh mama i'm in fear for my life...ummmmm in trouble mama and i'm running toward the light (d) thinks it's in a pill and i know better didn't god tell moses to look to his own hands and so i do only i can't reat the script.... (d) is there for the decoding..she had better bring her (A) game....


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