Monday, July 06, 2009

Shattered Peace

A while back I wrote a humorous piece on the Cocker. Well I ain't laughin' now! The dawg and all the forces of hell have gathered this morning to disturb my peace. I tell you, it's as if he knew that all I wanted this morning was a corner of time dedicated to tapping out a few words and then get on with my day.
Right now the dawg is flinging himself at a closed bedroom door. I'm in the next room. Along with the thud of his whole self hitting the door, (I can only hope, he'll land against it so hard, he will knock himself unconscious)he is barking like a rabid idiot. I have totally forgotten what I ever saw in that mutt - what posessed me to ever bring him home from the pound. Cocker Spaniels are the devil's emmisarries on earth. There will be no writing this morning. I can barely string two thoughts together, so consumed am I at this moment with annoyance.

Tim called this morning. He and his family just returned from Ohio where the weather, he says was beautiful. They are going out to pick blueberries. I'll join them later this evening for a home group meeting. He says, we'll be going to a public housing development to do an Outreach. It's been a long time since I did that. Basically, you go out and tell people you're there because, "Jesus loves you. "Sometimes we pass out chewing gum or chocolate kisses. Mostly, the people we encounter don't know what to think. They're usually polite and smile uncomfortably. Sometimes someone will ask us to pray with them. The whole thing gives me a sort of cleansed feeling afterward. It's good to forget about yourself and your own problems for a while. We'll meet at the Vineyard, sing a few songs and head out.

The dawg has stopped barking. (M) has escaped to the yard and the lawnmower. I guess I'll go the park and feed the ducks.


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