Saturday, January 06, 2007

Feel Me?????????

It's New Years Resolution Time. Along with the promises to lose weight, some of y'all out there jumped back on Love's Highway looking for Mr. Right (heading for a breakdown and triple A won't save you)...As you know if you've read this blog at all, the Barbie has no illusions. Hell I don't even believe in love anymore, romance is dead and brotherly love....what's that? I almost got totaled on the highway again this week by some guy in a pick up truck who wanted my lane and his. I'm in no mood...I wore black every day last week.I feel like channeling the spirit of Huey Newton, Eldridge Cleaver, Nat Turner, John Brown, Fannie Lou Hammer, Harriet Tubman and kickin some ass......But that would get me locked up for sure and how in hell could I self soothe behind bars? Huh???? So I wrote this poem. Feel the rage?
Cyber Love

there He is again/the man i just knew was destined
to be my friend
what's that he's doing?/jackin' off sweet talk with
that other Cyber Ho who ain't worth knowin'
what a man, what a man, what?
ugh! man!/i thought you were a mighty, mighty good man
can you stand to have a real woman in your life?
look me over/download that pic
i'd make you a really good wife
what's that you say? can i handle some dick?
you're rock hard and wanna lick my clit?
nigguh pleeeeeezzzzz/ you got me confused
with some everyday skeez-a
i ain't no round the way/and as for rockin my world
not in that jerri curl/did i go there?
dam right and i got all night
to bring you to your senses/so you won't stay alone
with that bone your only friend
wondering why a woman like me won't be your company
ya see it's like this 'n like that
i can't stand the rain/won't put up with no more pain
i'm just a woman who's tired of games...
Talking in Tongues aka Barbie


At 10:14 PM , Blogger Professor Zero said...

good poem!!! so one of my students had her engagement party tonight, another one was there saying "i'm done with love, it isn't good for you, men limit you too much". interesting.

At 4:40 PM , Blogger barbie said...

right...interesting.... prof... but when a young woman says that, i don't believe her.....she's trying to find a way to ease the pain....reality has begun to creep into her fantasies and she's got no other weapon than to feign contempt for love. while i may believe love is dead....what we kill, we also have the power to revive...that is, if we had the will...our will to move toward love has been dispossessed by materialism, greed and ego...we have willingly buried love and refuse to let it into our lives...

At 3:43 PM , Blogger Professor Zero said...

I think the Fulbright will help revive it!!! ;-)


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