Sunday, December 31, 2006

Out With The Old

I have begun peeling away the layers of the house and jumpstarted my packing in anticipation of the move to the Boston area. I hope to sell the house and land a job by July. I have been uncharacteristically nonchalant about getting rid of much of the clutter. That leads the Barbie to wonder if I have indeed grown into my middle years. Here are a few other things I have shed over the past few months and I say sayonara!

1. I no longer have the need to please anyone but myself. I cinsider me first and retreat when situations and people emit the faintest odor of being toxic to my peace of mind.
2. I accept the fact that I may be alone for the rest of my life and that's alright. I give myself two thumbs up for being dam good company. My motto: Self soothing; Oh hell yes!
3. I know what makes me happy and what gives me peace. I know it can't be bought on sale.
4. I'm comfortable with every quirk and every crack in my character.
5. I give myself permission to fail.
6. Instead of being my own worse enemy, I've become my best friend.
7. I know God ain't mad at me even when I'm mad at myself. I've made peace with the fact that there are things I will never understand. But I know there is a divine order to the universe.
8. I've learned how to slow down, disconnect and enjoy the moment.
9. I've erased the glitter dust from my eyes. At times the world is ugly but I can make my corner of it an oasis.
10. No one is going to save me but I can save myself. I am strong, resourceful, intelligent, creative and capable.

There are still a few things I'm working on but all in all it was a good year. Yep!Yep! I saved$$. I accomplished some goals. I got closer to the city I love. Somewhere I heard a whisper from above...."The girl's alright!"....
Peas and Blessings to All in 2007.


At 2:43 PM , Blogger Professor Zero said...

Great post ... happy new year ... and btw I tagged you for a meme!

At 6:22 PM , Blogger barbie said...

Actually Introspection is the hardest trick of all as you seem to have noticed. I am so jealous of your travels....You must be having a (well earned) blast....It sure sounds like it. It's back to work tomorrow for me.
Thanks for stopping by...Thanks for your kind comment about the post...


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