Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thank De Lawd!!! And Pass The Butter Beans!!!!!

I Made It Through The Past Gawd Forsaken Few Days. There were a few times when I doubted I would. Cashed my meager paycheck and paid all my bills. Right now I'm thanking the powers of the universe that I don't work for GM and contemplating sending a cookie tray to the chief of police who "pardoned" my speed ticket of last week. Yea Shit does happen and I need that break. Here's to you Chief Allen!!!!!!

In a recent post I wrote a wee poem titled "Jewell. " Well I guess I was thinking of my mom 'cause it's the anniversary of her death (November 22). You're immortal now mom!!! You're in Cyberspace!!!! My mom always thought the creative muse I seem to have been born with was some sort of demonic presence in my life. Other than her tendency for rebuking demons 24/7, she was an alright lady!!!!! a force to be reckoned with. And who knows, maybe all of her kneeling before the great White Throne of heaven did me some good. At least like Miss Celie, I can say, "I'm Here!!!" to all the dam Misters of this world who have tried to keep me quiet and in my place.

Speaking of uppity black bitches, i found another awesome blog. It did a sistuhs heart good to read what this lady has to say. I just wish she wasn't referring to herself as a bitch (oooooohh, the Southern girll in me hates that word)
Happy Thanksgiving y'all....


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