Sunday, April 29, 2007


Friday....The Week-end Begins
Oh what fun. I get to pick out a watermelon at Wal-mart. I get to look forward to melon and cottage cheese my favorite breakfast.....The CHECK ENGINE LIGHT IS STILL ON...So far I've bought a catalytic converter, had the oil changed, battery cables cleaned and a system flush....What next....Baby had better watch it, I feel trade fever coming on. PEOPLE SUCK ROACH TURDS. At 11:30 pm I was out putting up my Yard Sale signs. The first one was a nice professional one with metal rods to stick in the ground. I put it next to a busy street. I went around the hood putting the others on light poles and less than 10 minutes later my first sign had been stolen! Ya'll know the Barbie hasn't much faith in human nature. i lost the little bit I had after that stunt. I wish a heap of misery to the slime that did it.
Saturday....up at the crack of dawn setting up and hoping for lots of $$$$$$$. I left M alone at the yard sale to take the car back to the pirates at Tires Plus. After not too long a wait, the mechanic told me to take the car back to Eddie and tell him the catalytic needs re-welding. So I guess the engine isn't in dire straits after all. I picked up some sushi and headed for Marshalls and some shoe shopping. I was not disappointed. I found a pair of pink rain boots. I already have a pink rain coat....Oh fabulous joy! LET IT RAIN SOON!!!!!!!!!!!
Dinner for one....grilled salmon and an Aussie white...I was up much too late watching an Oprah Winfrey production, a movie titled The Wedding, starring Miss O's favorite tragic mulatto; none other than Miss Halle Berry....It took me a while to wrap my brain around Black folks living on Martha's Vineyard in the 50's being all color struck and stuck on themselves that they couldn't love who they wanted. Little Miss Halle was the star of this mess. She was also the object of affection for the film's Big Buck darkie, a character named Lute, (rhymes with soot)played by Carl Lumbley. He spurns his white wife and in a fit of anger runs over one of his children with a car. Lawd, Lawd! See what happens when a Darkie steps outta his class. Miss Halle had gone off to New Yawk and gotten herself a white man. She brings him to the family's 'summer house' at Martha's Vineyard for a look see before the wedding, but almost loses him when Mommy and the other mulattos of the nest they all referred to as "The Opal" disapprove because the object of Miss Halle's affection is (gasp) a penniless jazz man...Well love triumphs and Miss Halle gets married and they all live happily ever after in a mixed race Neverland. Can someone please tell me who thought this piece of mess was a good idea....I have one word for O and H....THERAPY and soon for Miss Halle while she still has a career...
Sunday....I had a hard time concentrating and staying awake R was talking about $$$$$ and how 10% belongs to God (ah hem)....Off to the grocery store for treats....shrimp cakes and stuffed crab...INSERT NOTE TO THE BLOGOSPHERE....IT IS HYPOCRITICAL NOT TO SELL ALCOHOL ON SUNDAY BUT SELL IT ON ALL OF GOD'S OTHER DAYS......
Movie gallery had a half price sale. After that, I headed home


At 7:37 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

barbie this made me laugh sooooooo much I now KNOW who I must exterminate!! I suppose the sign thief is top of the list DAMN HIM (we KNOW it was a MAN)


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