Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Am Longing For A Kinder, Gentler World...

The eastern world, it is exploding Violence flarin’, bullets loadin’You’re old enough to kill, but not for votin’You don’t believe in war, but what’s that gun you’re totin’ And even the Jordan River has bodies floatin’But you tell me Over and over and over again, my friendAh, you don’t believe We’re on the eve of destruction. Don’t you understand what I’m tryin’ to say Can’t you feel the fears I’m feelin’ today? If the button is pushed, there’s no runnin’ away There’ll be no one to save, with the world in a grave Take a look around ya boy, it's bound to scare ya boy....Barry McGuire, Eve of Destruction
Gentle Cycle
barbie/april 24, 2007
I’m feeling the universe just now
hearing her shuffle through these thoughts
She carries the peace banner waving it gently, hoping
Will anyone listen?
I’m feeling her tears, inclined heart
an open wound wanting healing
Her dress is a rough rag
nylon ripped by chaos
She plants her walking boots deeper
raises the banner higher
hoping someone like me, or you will listen
She longs for the gentle cycle
the inevitable axis turning
when the rush of mad charlatans having
their fill of mayhem and innocent blood
will depart like pigs with their demons close behind
jump headlong into the abyss
as dust follows dust to damnation
I’m waiting
she waits for their time to come
and the gentle cycle to begin
trickling over her like soft water
a healing spring #
I looked out my upstairs window this morning and the world looked so grey and tired. I guess that's where these words come from....all that pain and misery out there.....we truly seem to be on the Eve of Destruction... I say this because the death angel is rampant in our cities/on our planet....11 killed over the week-end in Philadelphia...a man got evicted in Texas and shot the apartment manager/himself....and then there is that bloody, foolish war Over There.... An 11 year old beheaded a man on camera in Afghanistan...The angels weep


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