Saturday, November 19, 2005

Shit Happens

Frank's World

I've lived a number of years on the planet and it all comes to this bit of insightful wisdom:Shit Happens!!!!!!!!
So as not to depress myself even further, i won't go into detail. I will say this, life is unfair. Anyone who disagrees with me is welcome to state your case. But no one is reading this shit anyway so I can pretty much say what I want and I am the majority opinion. Here are a few things that make me fantasize about becoming a serial killing, monk, recluse,atheist----
1. fat cat Republicans who get their jollies
stealing from the poor
which is dam near all the rest
of the planet except them
and their miserable spawn.
2. men in general
3. people who make it hard for
the least among us to exist and make a living
4. knowing that most of what i do
really doesn't matter (ergo---shit happens anyway)
5. being alone all the dam dam time
6. both my ex-husbands who give enhanced meaning
to the word slime
7. "experts" who don't give a dam and
tell the rest of us how it's gonna dam well be
that includes every
school administrator i've ever had the
unpleasure of working with
8. getting older and watching my life slip away
into a meaningless abyss
9. egocentric dumbass americans
10. the lardass, chitlin' eatin cops in the small
town where i make a meager living
Normally I find lots in life to be positive about. But beneath the surface I am always keeping the hounds at bay. After this week I have had my fill....Nuff said...I am pissed.....and wish it didn't have to be this way.
On a different note....I found this blog this morning which amazed me....I'm always finding people in cyberspace that I wish I knew/had as friends....Here's to you Frank!!!!!


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