Sunday, November 13, 2005

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

I tried to post yesterday and lost it all. I'm still trying to figure this whole thing out. I want to be a good blogger! Oh i want to be a good blogger.
I was up way too early on saturday with plans to shop for a new stove and catch the 14 hour sale at Stein Mart (Mecca of middle aged bored female shoppers).
First I layered and then went to the park to hit the walking trail. This is the south but it's been pretty chilly. Once I got to the park i ralized i'd overdone it with a turtleneck, two shirts, my favorite pink hoodie I bought this summer in Wells Beach and a jacket.
After a shower and change of clothes I headed out.
I made the mistake of going to Target. I can never get out of that place. It's become my favorite store (a pox on Wal-Mart. I hate them). I've pondered the Target phenomena and the reason for their appeal. I think it's the colorful marketing. (Don't ask) Their approach is retro and hip at the same time. I never shopped discount for clothes before but I love their jackets and have so far collected quite a few. i mean where else can you get a double breasted curduroy, lined jacket for $14. They mark down everything on a regular basis and all you have to do is go in and scope out what you want. Two weeks later, it'll be on sale. SWEET!!!!!!. Yesterday I bought two, an olive green, and camel....After two hours in that place, I headed for some shoes at GB's.
A couple pair of pumps later and I was off to the flea market to find the guy who sold me a washer a couple years ago.....I wandered around and was finally told by one of the vendors that he was no longer there. Guess i'll have to break down and go to Loews. I love Loews. On saturdays, they mix paint all day and when people don't like the way their color turns out, they mark down the cans to $5. I have quite a few. I could do a
rainbow wall. Except I hate painting. When I had the breakfast room wood floors refinished, I painted afterwards and it took me a month. I swore i'd never paint again. But lately i'm getting the itch to take on the bedroom. At the flea market, I bought a couple of old Life mags and an 90 year old book of french nursery rhymes (couldn't resist. It was $2). Also went to Borders. i wanted the new Santana cd but decided to wait and check out the used cd store today......YEP, I'm CHEEEP!!!!!.....I picked up Naked Lunch (Burroughs) The Awakening (Kate Chopin) and an anthology of African American folklore. I've got so much stuff to read and never enough time. I still haven't made it through Billy Collins' Nine Horses. I first heard his poetry on NPR and liked it.
After all of this, I felt I owed it to myself to eat out so I had dinner at Veracruz. The waiter was so nice.
Well, back at home, I watched a couple of movies and called it a night. A meaningless but pretty good day.


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